Everything about storage facilities

Running out of space is a huge issue when it comes to the modern world. Traditional housing is not enough space to hold prized possessions that you treasure in your life. However, storage facilities are available to alleviate this issue entirely with spacing equal to the amount paid for storage capacity. These self-storage units can range from 5×5 foot to usually a 10×15 unit to house your possessions safely and efficiently however depending on the company, the size and price of the unit can vary.

Storage Facilities

The sole purpose of these facilities is storage; therefore, these units have the layout made for housing as many items as efficiently as possible. These facilities have other uses than for just storing possessions for long term as it can be used for storing possessions whilst moving or whilst abroad. Storage units are readily available across the country and can store anything for any length of time dependent on the amount paid to the company for both size and

If payment is not received by a certain given time each month or however long the storage unit was rented for, then an auction will take place to bid the storage locker in its entirety in order to pay back for the rent owed, if this rent Is not made back from the aforementioned auction then a bill will be sent to the previous owner to pay back the money owed, if such money is not posted then this matter will be passed on to debt collectors for the money to be retrieved from the client. The debt collectors collect this debt by purchasing the debt owed and selling the items that are left at the auction, before this they pressure the owners to pay and can contact credit bureaus which can harm their credit score.